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If we are not the Insurance Companies approved repairer, we can still repair your car.

Opening hours may differ on public holidays.

Choosing where your vehicle is repaired

It has been agreed with The Office of Fair Trading and the British Board of Motor Insurance that as a motor vehicle insurance policy holder, you have the right to choose where you have your car repaired.

You are not obliged to use their suggested repairer and you can insist on having your vehicle repaired by CarCiti.

Nominate us to your insurers

All you have to do is nominate us as your repairer when making the claim, supply us with your claim number and we will take care of the rest. Most Insurance companies will do remote inspections, using the digital images we will provide them, of your damaged vehicle and work from the computerised Audatex estimate we will compile, this will take no longer than the approved repairer process.

Total Accident Repairs Guarantee

All work comes with a complete guarantee of a minimum three years and analysis of the work undertaken; if the vehicle is under warranty we will continue to cover the repairs to match the manufactures specifications.

Courtesy Car

A courtesy car will be supplied upon request, this is completely free of charge and your vehicle can be recovered in and the courtesy car delivered, this again without a cost to you.

Additional Repairs

Any additional repairs required on the vehicle can be estimated at the same time and substantial savings can invariably be made, if completed at the same time

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